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Our Pearls

Our Pearls

We sustainably grow the purest and rarest pearls in all the world.

Provenence & Purity

Rare, Pure, sustainable

Discover the South Sea pearls of Cygnet Bay.

Our locally and sustainably grown ‘South Sea’ Pearls are amongst the finest quality pearls grown anywhere in the world.

Carefully cultured by our highly skilled Pearl Farmers over many years, our world class pearls are over 1000 times rarer than diamonds. Not only are our pearls rare, pure and completely stunning to look at, they also happen to be one of the few precious gems on the entire planet that contain regenerative and restorative qualities for our oceanic environment.

This means when you purchase a pearl, you’re not only purchasing one of the rarest and most beautiful gifts of mother nature, you’re also helping to facilitate the restoration of our pristine Australian waterways. 

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Discover the Akoya pearls of the Central Coast.

Our close partnership with Broken Bay Pearl Farm (one hour drive north of Sydney, NSW) has allowed us to offer not only our locally grown ‘South Sea’ pearls to the public, but has also opened the doors to an introduction with the often smaller (but just as beautiful) ‘Akoya’ pearl.

Grown in the Hawkesbury waterways (gateway to the Pacific ocean) by our East Coast team of expert Pearl Farmers, our Akoya pearls’ lustre, shape and unique colourations are the perfect collaborator for their precious West Coast counterparts. 

Visitors are welcome to explore the Broken Bay Pearl Farm to browse the collection of Pearls of Australia jewellery, join a guided tour and also taste fresh local oysters while taking in the breath-taking views from the outdoor seating area looking over the water.