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Our Community

It takes a community to create a pearl … let us introduce you to some of the special people in ours.

our community


For centuries pearling has provided employment, education and empowerment to communities around the world, and for decades, Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm has embraced a multitude of opportunities to engage with and make a positive contribution to the local community.

The Brown family and Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm, partner with a number of local events and credible organisations across a variety of sectors whose ethos aligns with our strong belief in making a difference to our environment and the people of our communities.

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James Brown, a passionate advocate for Indigenous rights was named an Ambassador to Save the Children, in recognition of his time assisting young Aboriginal people overcome the greatest challenges facing them on the Dampier Peninsula. Cygnet Bay have launched a co-branded range of ‘Mabe’ (half pearl) jewellery featuring the beautiful Save the Children motif, and from which a percentage of the sales proceeds go direct to the Dampier Peninsula program.


Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm has proudly been the major industry sponsor of the highly acclaimed ‘Lustre Exhibition’ – since its inception. The essence of Lustre is the distribution of our country’s pearling history told from an Indigenous perspective. It is an essential and rare body of work which has been received incredibly well across Australia. The success of the resulting book, Lustre: Pearling in Australia, is a testament to the importance of this exhibition.


Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm supported Ocean Heroes in this inaugural Broome event in 2021. This fantastic organisation help children on the autistic spectrum build confidence through surfing in a supportive and fun environment. They believe that one of Australia’s most amazing resources is our beautiful ocean – and everyone should be able to enjoy it!


Surrounded by sea on three sides, the tip of the Dampier Peninsula is Bardi Jawi country. The traditional owners are saltwater people and includes three of the larger communities on the peninsula: Djarindjin, Lombadina, and Ardyaloon (One Arm Point).

The Bardi Jawi name comes from two language dialects, Bardi from the mainland and Jawi from Iwany (Sunday Island). They are some of the first people to appreciate the beauty, mystery and power of the pearl shell (Guwan).

Traditionally these shell were collected by hand, then sped and engraved into Riji and used in ceremony, dress and trade. This tradition and art is still practised today.

Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm (Borrgoron) is situated in this spectacular country and we have close ties to the Bardi Jawi people, many of whom have grown up or worked alongside the Brown family at Cygnet Bay over the last 75 years.

We established the ‘Banararr Steering Committee’ to continue our long standing working relationship with the families who have strong cultural ties to the area. This new format strengthens our relationship, helping us to create better engagement and employment and together are committed towards creating a better future for everyone.

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It takes a community to grow a pearl and ours is always growing! Over fifty people live onsite, and each role is vital in keeping the wheels turning – or perhaps more accurately – keeping our pearl oysters healthy and happy. This humble village is a result of so many people, their blood, sweat and tears over many decades and we all call Cygnet Bay home!

We’re always on the lookout for friendly, motivated, and skilled individuals who possess the spirit of adventure and are willing to get in and get their hands dirty (the rich, red dirt up here will make sure of it).