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Diver’s Creek


Wow a must to visit. The pearls are stunning.


Loved every bit of our visit... from our camping spot to the tours they held.

The little tidal creek commonly known as Diver’s Creek (Nuboloon in Bardi) was the perfect natural harbour for our old wooden luggers. It provided protection from cyclones, a convenient place to unload the valuable pearl shell and re-provision for the next adventure out to the pearling beds. This type of lugger base was also used for the “lay-up” season when it was too dangerous to go diving. This time was used to carry out maintenance which was an endless task on the old wooden luggers.

The old stack sack jetty, which can still be seen in the creek, was built for the first modern fibreglass pearling vessel, the “Cygnet Lass”, which revolutionised the pearling industry.

Located about 1km away from the main Pearler’s Village, reception, restaurant and pool, this accommodation is accessible by 4WD only.