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Cygnet bay shellar door

The Cygnet Bay Shellar Door is located on our pearl farm, 200km north of Broome with access by standard 2WD or 4WD vehicles.

Located in our historic homestead in our pearler’s village, a range of our Pearls of Australia jewellery and loose pearls are available for purchase, direct from the very waters they are farmed.

We also offer a range of accommodation, camping, tours and dining on our farm, which is our founding location and the ‘spiritual home’ of Pearls of Australia.

Broome showroom

Visit our Cygnet Bay Showroom in the heart of Broome’s historic Chinatown and discover our world class collections of Australian grown pearl jewellery.

As Broome pearl specialists, we only sell pearls that we grow. Each and every one has certified origin, and is guaranteed to be of natural colour and lustre. The world’s largest fine quality round pearl is on display at the Cygnet Bay showroom, a must see!

Join us in our Showroom as we walk through the culturing process on how we create precious pearls. Learn about the multicultural story of pearling in Broome, see a pearl harvested, taste the rare delicacy of pearl meat, learn the unique skill of pearl grading or join us in a pearl appreciation. 

Visit our Cable Beach pearl leases onboard a Seafood and pearling cruise with one of our partners.

All these amazing experiences are available by booking them below. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to chat with one of our Broome pearl experts.

Monday – Friday             9am – 4pm

Weekends (from Easter)   9am – 1pm

Broome front of shop
Broome Showroom