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Cygnet bay shellar door

The Cygnet Bay Shellar Door is located on our pearl farm, 200km north of Broome with access by standard 2WD or 4WD vehicles.

Located in our historic homestead in our pearler’s village, a range of our Pearls of Australia jewellery and loose pearls are available for purchase, direct from the very waters they are farmed.

We also offer a range of accommodation, camping, tours and dining on our farm, which is our founding location and the ‘spiritual home’ of Pearls of Australia.

Broome showroom

Our Broome showroom is located in the historic pearling precinct of Chinatown in Broome. Offering our stunning range of pearls and jewellery from Pearls of Australia, this unique space also plays home to an adjoining pearling exhibition space where we invite audiences to discover more about this iconic history, culture and untold mysteries of the pearling industry.

Home of one of the world’s largest and finest quality pearls, guests are welcome to browse our pearling timelines, watch our free pearling documentary, or participate in one of our daily in-store experiences, such as a pearl harvest or pearl appreciation session.

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