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Regeneratively grown

From pearl farm to plate

Taste our Pearl Meat, the rare delicacy of the Kimberley.

Growing in abundance deep in the pristine waters of the spectacular Kimberley Coast, the Pinctada Maxima pearl oyster is renowned for the beauty of its mother of pearl, and is used in the production of exquisite Australian South Sea Pearls. Pearl Meat, the adductor muscle of the oyster, is a seafood delicacy with a fresh taste and tender texture. It is even said to have aphrodisiac qualities! Because only small quantities of pearl meat tend to be harvested annually it is an expensive commodity, selling in Australia for at least $100 – $200 per kilogram fresh or for $400 per kilogram dried in Asia.

Our Chefs include our pearl meat throughout our menus… and highlight this unique seafood in our Pearler’s Long-table Dinners. A unique opportunity to try this delicacy fresh from our farm.