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Regeneratively grown

From pearl farm to plate

Pearl meat – the rare delicacy of the Kimberley

Grown abundantly, deep in the pristine waters of the spectacular Kimberley Coast, the Pinctada maxima pearl oyster is renowned for its mother of pearl and the production of the exquisite Australian South pearls.

Pearl meat, the adductor muscle of the oyster, is a seafood delicacy with a delicate flavour and tender texture best appreciated raw, cured or lightly seared. Due to the small quantities of pearl meat harvested each year, it is an expensive food product, selling for around $100 – $200/kg fresh, or $400/kg dried in Asia.

Our chefs serve pearl meat on the menu, when available. It is often included on the menu at our many events and dinners throughout the year and is a unique opportunity to try this delicacy, freshly prepared from our farm.

pearls meat