Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm

Celebrating 70 years of pearling in 2016, this small family owned pearl farm 200km north of Broome has undergone a remarkable
transformation from a hard working community of pearlers to a unique accommodation and touring destination for visitors to the Kimberley.
The farm is a ‘must see’ destination for anyone coming to the region. Stay at our onsite accommodation, dine by candle light,
take a tour and immerse yourself in the only working farm open to the public.



Broome Pearl Farm Dining

Enjoy the beautiful view of Cygnet Bay from our restaurant while dining on pearl meat and watching over the daily farm operations.


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Follow the fortunes of Broome’s two pearling industries.
Meet the people, the pioneers and the events that have shaped the Australian Pearl story.


The winners of the 2017 Australian Pearl Jewellery Design Competition have been announced! Check out their stunning designs here.