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The Pearlers’ Master Class is a two and a half day immersive experience at the company’s pearl farm, 200 kilometres north of Broome. In small groups, guests are treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the skills and effort required to bring an Australian South Sea Pearl to life.

On the turquoise waters of Cygnet Bay, guests will follow everyday farming activities and enjoy a thrilling ride to see famous Waterfall Reef and witness the world’s largest tropical tides. They can watch a pearl technician at work during the critical first step of seeding an oyster, discover the subtleties of pearl grading and participate in a range of hands-on experiences such as the opportunity to harvest their very own pearl.

Accommodation is provided on site with all meals included. At the end of the day, guests can relax and enjoy the true ambience of the Kimberley with downtime in the swimming pool, a cool drink on the restaurant’s deck or simply soaking up stunning views across the waters of King Sound.

In this remote Dampier Peninsula location, well and truly off the beaten track, master class guests will also learn about the changing face of global pearl production and the importance of provenance at a formal dinner hosted by James Brown, a third-generation pearler born and raised on the farm.

In this hands-on experience, travellers will find their search for the pristine, remote, historic, beautiful and unknown very much rewarded. Discerning and curious, each will return home with a first-hand knowledge of the entire Australian pearling process from breeding oysters and wild shell fishing to pearl harvest and grading.

Their skin will remember the warm Kimberley sunshine, their minds will retain the stories told by those who live, breathe and work in the pearling industry, but most of all they will leave with a true appreciation of the hard work, marine science and pristine environment which collectively produce some of the best pearls on the planet.

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