Our Team

Cygnet Bay Christmas
Our team enjoying Christmas the Cygnet Bay way!

Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm is owned and run by the Brown Family. With over 70 years of pearling experience and now in their 3rd generation, the Browns have created a community and home for their employees since the beginning. When Lyndon and Dean Brown first set up camp at Cygnet Bay, accommodations were bark huts and air conditioning meant opening up the shutters to let in the sea breeze.

They worked along side the local Bardi Jawi people who helped them learn how to live off the land and survive in this amazing and remote location.

The Browns were some of the first to employ the local indigenous and taught them industry skills that went on to be highly regarded within the Pearling industry. In the 80’s, they opened up the Cygnet Bay School which enabled employees to educate their children onsite and create a family home.

These days, Cygnet Bay is home to up to 60 staff, ranging from short term travellers to permanent staff across a broad range of positions. As we are still totally self reliant for fuel and water and a long way from many services we all take for granted, it takes many talented and passionate workers to keep Cygnet Bay operating and creating our breathtaking pearls.