Stone House

Stone House Exterior
The front and entrance to Stone House

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Stone House is a cosy house built by one of our first Australian divers who wanted his family to join him on the farm. At the time there was a shortage of accommodation on site, and his wife wasn’t prepared to live in a tent while houses were built! So, after a long day’s work, this family man would scout around camp looking for suitable sandstone rocks to build a house. Stone by stone, day by day, he would add a few more pieces to the home he had endeavoured to build – finally his family was reunited in the now “Stone House” he had built. Situated just under a kilometre from the main farm village, reception area and restaurant, it is situated in a tranquil location with views to the tidal lagoon and divers creek.

One notable feature of our pearling cottages is the use of sandbag bricks in the buildings. This method was first used in developing countries and meant that local materials could be used to make your building. This method proved to be an efficient means of building at Cygnet Bay, reducing both the need for transporting materials from Broome, and the requirements of skilled labour.  These sandbag bricks have proven to be an incredibly solid form of building for many structures around the farm, and are still used today.

Stone House
Stone House dining and kitchen

Stone House has now been renovated and upgraded to include a few creature comforts such as air conditioners and king size beds. It would make the ‘Old Salts’ turn in their grave to see how comfortable the living conditions are today.

Use Stone House as your home base while exploring the coast lines of the bay or hideaway and relax the days away. Be sure to sit outside and watch the tidal lagoon fill with pristine water with your feet up and a drink in your hand or play a round on the beach volleyball court out front!

Stone House
One of the bedrooms in Stone House

This 2 bedroom shack is suitable for couples or families; with its rustic charm and outhouse style bathroom, it will take you back to the early days of the pearling industry. Bedding is King & Queen or twin singles & Queen. Fully self contained & equipped kitchen with outdoor bbq. Max 4 pax.

Stay at Stone House from $330 per night.